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Mk III ændringer, Hordes

Indlæg af Mads O » lør maj 21, 2016 7:11 pm

Som det gælder for de øvrige opsummeringer er følgende mestendels taget direkte fra Battle College, stort set kun redigeret for at passe ind i dette forums format.
Kommentarer samt opdateringer efterhånden som spoilers kommer ind er som altid velkomne.

  • Circle Orboros
    Tanith the Feral Song (new warcaster)
    Stats average (low FURY for Circle)
    If gun hits, 4" Shadow Bind
    Spells: Admonition, Affliction, Bleed, Rift, Scything Touch
    Feat: Field Marshal: Channel, reduce cost of battlegroup spells and animi by 1 to minimum of 1

    Wild Argus (formerly Argus)
    Lower DEF, higher ARM
    Doppler Bark became its animus - pulse that flattens the DEF of everything within 2" and preventing charging or running.
    Slightly cheaper

    Gorax Rager (formerly Gorax)
    Primal is Friendly Faction only
    Down to normal Fury for a light warbeast.

    Pureblood Warpwolf
    Slightly Cheaper
    No longer makes other Warp Wolves Ghosty
    Gained Assault

    Tharn Ravagers (Unit/UA)
    Chieftain (UA) now grants Vengeance and mini-feat grants Overtake
    Five wounds

    Legion of Everblight
    The Legion faction overview is here. The basic gist of it is that warbeasts and easy fury management are going down - but the infantry are rising up. Eyeless sight now no longer sees through forests - but it does grant immunity to Blind. Thagrosh, Saeryn, and Absylona remain beast-locks, but there are more combined arms warlocks
    Also and faction definingly
    The Shredder lost Tenacity
    Blood Creation is out of the game
    The Carnivean chassis (Carnivean/Scythean/Ravagore/Proteus) is now SPD 5.
    Angelus, Seraph, Neraph SPD 7
    Thagrosh2 and Absylonia1 basically unchanged

    Kryssa, Conviction of Everblight (new warlock)
    Stats: Average, decent MAT
    Spells: Cloak of Ash, Howling Flames (large spray with continuous fire), Quickness (up to 3 FURY for up to 6" movement), Tactical Supremacy
    Feat: +3 STR and continuous fire on melee attacks for faction

    Basically the same other than gaining reposition [5] and replacing Teleport with Hex Bolt (2 cost short range zap spell - Hex Hunters have it)

    Bethayne, Voice of Everblight
    Her feat now gives all the warrior models in her control range Flank (friendly faction warbeast)
    She can still Flesh Meld with Belphagore.
    She swapped Carnivore for Invocation of Blood which either grants her +2 SPD, STR, DEF, and ARM for one round while melded or allows her to make a full advance toward Belphagore if unmelded (limited to cast once per activation).
    She swapped out Gallows for Venom.
    She kept Ashen Veil (though the spell is now called Cloak of Ash)
    She kept Blood Thorn.
    She swapped out Eruption of Spines for Disintegration which is Cost 3 RNG 10 POW 13 and model hit suffers -2 ARM for one round. And should you be boxed by it you are RFP'd.

    Lylyth (probably all three)
    Now has a gun-mage like variety of attack options. Outside possibility of a game shop trolling because the spoiler is second hand.

    Lylyth, Shadow of Everblight (Lylyth2)
    Feat now gives Gunfighter instead of Snipe, making it more use for infantry, and an additional ranged attack for friendly Faction models. Ref
    Gained Soothing Song
    Lost Shadow Pack

    Feat now gives friendly faction models +3 ARM and her battle group retalliatory Strike

    Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (Thagrosh1)
    Basically the same other than no returning huge base models (i.e. gargantuans) to play

    Lost Purification for Chasten and Obliteration for the new cheaper cloud creating Deadly Storm

    Succubus(Warlock attachment)
    Still provide a free upkeep
    Has Blizzard, Hex Bolt (see Hex Hunters), and Influence

    Spd 7. RAT 6. Deceptively Mobile (3" Reposition at end of movement) replaces the ride-by attack.
    Animus unchanged post-Errata (1 Fury, set all enemies within 2" on fire)

    Proteus (Character warbeast)
    Full Stat Card Revealed
    SPD down to 5, MAT up to 7, FURY down to 4 Cost down to 19.
    Gained Unyielding
    Gained Chain Strike on the tentacle lash but lost the pull + drag
    Gained permanent snacking and a new animus
    Replaced Special Issue with a useful bond

    Zuriel (Character warbeast)
    Now has 2" reach on his swords.

    Retains SPD 7
    Retains POW 14 tail with Armor Piercing as a Special Attack

    Keeps Spiny Growth as an animus
    19 Points

    Nephilim Bolt Thrower
    Gained Quick Work
    Animus now Far Strike (1 cost, self)
    Higher MAT, lower STR (and melee strength)
    Slightly cheaper

    Nephilim Protector
    Gained Guard Dog

    Nephilim Soldier
    Gained Precision Strike
    Mat 7

    Higher MAT, lower STR and hitting power
    Gained Beat Back on the Hammerhead

    Animus now provides Counter Charge. Gained Extended Control Range.
    8 Points, 1" tail, kept stealth and bounding leap

    4" AoE
    Gained a bite
    Animus: Recoil (grants Swift Hunter) - it loses continuous fire (but keeps scather for 4" scather templates).
    Keeps range 14 and POW 14 on its attacks, and gains Arcing Fire. No longer corrosion.

    Replaced its bloodbath with Thresher
    Gained Murderous - an extra dice against infantry models
    Like all beasts on its chassis it lost a point of SPD.
    Gained a bite

    Spd 7
    Gained Apparition, gun gained Flare, kept Slipstream

    Lost Tenacity
    Now has Flank [Faction Warbeast] and Adelophagy
    Adelophagy refers to animals (sharks) that eat each other in the uterus. It was also a rule on the Mk1 Shredder which meant they'd attack each other when they frenzied.
    Front of card almost unchanged (other than lower CMD and soulless moving to front - points effectively the same)
    Animus gives it Pathfinder on charges
    Lost Rabid

    Rng 12, AoE 4

    Blighted Nyss Archers
    Now cost 8/13 (i.e. 4/6.5) - a cost reduction

    Blighted Nyss Legionaires and Blighted Nyss Swordsmen
    Both cost 9/15 but further differentiated from each other

    Blighted Ogrun (probably both Warmongers and Warspears)
    Cost Reduction, 5 damage boxes, gained Tough

    Grotesque Raiders
    SPD up to 7, DEF down to 12

    Blighted Nyss Shepherd
    Condition now only removes one point of Fury.
    FA:3 while only 1 point per model (i.e. cost halved). Unlimited uses of Medicate and Condition per warbeast.

    The Forsaken
    Consume Fury remains unchanged
    Still removing up to 5 Fury

    Strider Deathstalker
    Still RAT 8, with Sniper and Snap Fire. Gained Marksman. Sniper negates Tough

    The big change to the Skorne is that casters are now intended to be much more game defining - but some of the auto-includes have been scaled back.

    Lord Tyrant Hexeris
    Intended to be a spellslinger
    Replaced Life Drinker with Blood Boon
    Lost Psychic Vampire and Soulfire
    Gained Influence and Spirit Leech (RNG 10, POW 13 attack spell that says, "When this spell hits an enemy model with 1 or more focus or fury points on it, that model loses 1 focus or fury point and the spellcaster gains 1 fury point. If the spellcaster does not have the Fury Manipulation special rule, it cannot gain a fury point as a result of Spirit Leech.")

    Lord Arbiter Hexeris
    Field Marshal [Channeler]

    Archdomina Makeda
    Spell list reworked - Defender's Ward, Muzzle, and Savagery replaced by Quicken, The Lash (small AoE zap), and Subjugation of the Will (an upkeep giving everyone in the battle group Shield Guard).

    Supreme Archdomina Makeda
    Stay Death not restricted to 1/turn. Replaces Engine of Destruction with Storm Rager Probably more changes.

    Makeda & The Exalted Court
    Only one change - replaces Sun Hammer with Hand of Death, a spell granting target model Grievous Wounds and Overtake. Exactly what she needed!

    Lord Assassin Morghoul
    Morghoul2 gets his Mark 1 feat back - Blind to every enemy he can see in his control area! Ref (Of course unlike Mk1 Blind can be shaken - it can also be ignored by Eyeless Sight

    Void Seer Mordkaar
    Grants Void Spirits Killing Spree (instead of an extra dice they no longer need) - terrifying with an 8" teleport. Hollow no longer grants tough. Replaces Ghost Walk with Host of Shadows (2 cost makes the whole battle group Ghostly instead of one model/unit). Replaces Banishing Ward with Manifest Void (+1 cost of all spells (including animi) cast in control area, all living non-Skorne become Soulless).
    Note that Manifest Void does not make soul vessels such as convergence robots soulless

    Beastmaster Xekaar (New Warlock)
    Average stats across the board.
    Two reach weapon master whips
    Maltreatment, Enrage (from Paingivers)
    Witch Mark (meaning that if he hits with his whips he doesn't need to hit with subsequent spells)
    Spells: Mortality, Deadweight, Pursuit, Psycho Surgery
    Feat: Control area STR, MAT, RAT, THR debuff.

    Tyrant Xerxis
    Lost Fury and Inhospitable Ground
    Gained Tactical Supremacy and Rift
    Gained Stir the Blood battle plan (affects FF model/unit, +2 STR for first attack this turn) Ref

    RNG 12, AoE 3, RoF d3+1

    Now a lesser warbeast (!) Cost almost doubled. Force for an Agony - Gnawing Pain is -2 STR for all enemies in 8", Spiritual Affliction shuts down casting within 8", and Maddening adds a Fury to all enemy beasts within 6" (and can be brought down by multiple agonizers to utterly mess up swarms).

    Aradus Soldier
    Claws get Chain Weapon

    Aradus Sentinel
    Sentinel: RNG 11

    Basilisk Krea
    Paralytic aura replaced with Force Aura - while within 3" friendly faction models gain Force Barrier (+2 DEF vs Ranged and immune to blast damage)

    Cyclops Raider
    Slightly cheaper
    Far Strike is self only and 1 Fury

    Cyclops Savage
    Slightly less ARM

    Molik Karn
    Cost: 20. Side Step is now the affinity with Makeda Ref

    DEF 10
    Bond [Xerxis] - Overtake

    Razor Worm and Rhinodon
    Both have Spiny Growth as an animus - and it's (self)

    Bronzeback Titan
    DEF 10
    FURY 4,
    instead of increasing THR it removes Fury from allied, NON-Bronzeback Titans

    Titan Cannoneer
    Fury 3,
    AoE 4, Far Strike animus (costs 1)

    Titan Gladiator
    DEF 10
    FURY 4
    14 points

    Titan Sentry
    DEF 10
    MAT 6

    Siege Animantarax
    Cavalry (thus impact attacks and boosted charges)
    Can be medicated (and is living)
    Rage tokens from being hurt
    Rage tokens boost SPD (as well as buy attacks/boosts)
    Reposition [3]

    Cataphracts (Cataphract Arcuarii, Cataphract Cetrati, Cataphract Incindiarii)
    5 Wounds. Def 11. Cost: Arcuarii 11/17, Incindiarii: 12/18, Cetrati: 13/20
    Immortals (Unit)
    Now have Soul Vessel (you can collect Souls from them)

    Cost 9/15 (i.e. a half point reduction)

    Paingiver Beast Handlers
    From Legion spoilers we know that Condition only clears a single point of Fury but a troupe of Paingivers are limited only by their numbers in how often they can condition and/or medicate the same warbeast.
    Enrage provides a flat +2 STR without either a free charge or forcing a charge
    Anatomical Precision also negates tough

    Paingiver Bloodrunners
    Replaced Shadow Play with Reposition [3] and Apparition

    Praetorian Ferox
    Cavalry get boosted attacks on the charge
    Ferox get boosted mount damage on the leap
    Gained Combined Melee Attack
    Gained Reposition (3")
    Cost down half a point

    Tyrant Radheim
    Replaces Veteran Leader with Leadership (Dodge)

    Praetorian Swordsmen
    1" reach, cost 8/13

    Venator Catapult Crew
    Full Stat Card Reveal
    Pow 16
    Gained Burst Fire
    (Can now move and shoot)
    5 points.

    Venator Flayer Cannon Crew
    D3 shots +1 if the gunner is base to base
    RNG 12, POW 13 (plus Burst Fire)

    Venator Slingers
    Completely changed role

    Ancestral Guardian
    Now a Spirit Vessel (meaning other AGs can take their soul)
    Points slightly lowered (probably to 5)

    Mortitheurge Willbreaker
    Lost Anciliary Attack (apparently it's now extremely rare)
    Gained Flesh Hardening (Tough and expires continous effects)

    Void Spirit
    MAT down a point - but an additional dice when attacking living models
    No Eruption of Ash - but it gets to teleport after killing an enemy with its combat action (Errata says 1/turn Ref). (Horrifying with Mordkaar)

    Dhunia theme for +2 THR to warbeasts
    Note the changes to tough so you can't tough when knocked down. Also multi wound units only have five damage boxes (Except Long Riders which are 8). The Krielstone is more or less unchanged. Faction Overview

    Ragnor Skysplitter, the Runemaster (new Warlock)
    Stats: Average
    Spells: Earth's Sanctury (target model digs in), Hex Blast, Pulverizer (+2 STR and Beat Back to target model), Shockwave (expensive zap with 4" knockdown if it hits)
    Feat: -1 dice on incoming damage rolls for everyone

    Gained Reposition 3
    Bear gained trash and crit knockdown

    Lost Mercy Killer, gained Fury 8

    Replaced Purification with an off-brand Purification that expires all upkeeps and does damage but costs 4

    Lost Goad for Field Marshal: Overtake

    Lost Goad
    Feat now heals an extra 3 rather than costing a damage die

    Grim Angus
    Traded Cross Country and Lock the Target for Weald Secrets and Mantrap (medium AoE knockdown zap)

    RoF 3 and no need to use each song only once.
    Lost Arcane Bolt and Inhospitable Ground for Deflection and Wailing (order and spell denial)

    Captain Gunnbjorn
    Field Marshal: Kill Shot
    Feat now provides ranged attack immunity.

    Jarl Skuld
    Lost Evasive for Dodge
    Gained Field Marshal Swift Hunter

    Madrak Ironhide, Thornwood Chieftain
    Swapped feats with Madrak2
    Rathrok gained Blood Boon

    Mountain King (Trollbloods Gargantuan)
    MAT up by a point
    Gained Bulldoze
    Cost down by the equivalent of 2 points
    The Deathly Roar is now deafening
    Kill Shot doesn't say it ignores RoF - probably a change to underlying mechanics.
    Animus is now Rage (from the Dire Troll Mauler) - but warbeast only

    Glacier King
    MAT 6, gains Bulldoze

    Dire Troll Blitzer
    Mat 6, changed its animus for Irresistable Force, granting Bulldoze. Otherwise largely unchanged.

    Dire Troll Bomber
    Animus grants Far Strike.
    Reload [1] (i.e. the old ROF 2)

    Dire Troll Mauler
    15 points, largely unchanged.

    Earthborn Dire Troll
    Lost the ability to steal POW from other weapons
    FURY 4
    Immune to elemental damage.
    Earth's Blessing (no knockdown, stationary, or move) as new animus

    Dozer & Smigg
    Mat 6
    Lost Veteran Leader for Bulldoze

    Mulg the Ancient
    Lost Protective Fit and a point of STR. Still the only dire troll with Reach. Bond with Doomshaper grants retailatory strike

    Bond with Borka grants stumbling Drunk. 21 pts.

    Night Troll
    Animus pulls everything within 2" in
    Gained a bite
    7 points

    Slag Troll
    Now has Assault

    Pyre Troll
    Flaming Fists is self only and cost 1.

    Swamp Troll
    RAT 6

    Troll Axer
    Slightly less ARM

    Troll Bouncer
    Slightly cheaper
    MAT up to average
    Slightly less hard hitting with main weapon, slightly harder with shield
    Lost Brace for Impact
    Animus: Earth's Blessing (no being pushed, knocked down, or made stationary)

    Troll Impaler
    Slightly more expensive
    Gained Set Defense
    Gained ARM
    Far Strike is now cheaper but Self-only

    Troll Whelps
    4 points for 5 (so basically unchanged despite other fury management being reduced)

    Trollkin getting 1" Reach
    Kriel Warriors, Sons of Bragg, Krielstone Bearer, Champions, Runeshaper, Fell Caller Hero, Sorceror, Horgol Ironstrike

    UA replaces granted: Set Defense with Granted: Cleave

    Kriel Warriors
    Replace Prayers with 1" melee reach and Unyielding
    UA replaces Granted: Steady with Granted: Rise, and In Step (redundant with new standard rules) with 3" reposition

    Pyg Burrowers
    Now start underground and can stay burrowing as long as they need to but can't reburrow
    Can't move and attack when they surface
    Lost point blank on their guns.

    Trollkin Sluggers
    Now single wound with d3 attacks and a cost of 8/13

    Trollkin Warders
    Get Shield Guard
    +1 Str
    Wall of Steel (does what defensive line used to) and Brutal Charge replace Battle Driven
    SPD 5, DEF 12
    10/17 pts

    Trollkin Champions
    Immune to knockdown while base to base. Meaning they can tough endlessly in a defensive line equivalent
    1" Reach
    Defensive Line provides DEF not ARM

    Thumper Crew
    RNG 12 (canmove and fire), POW 16

    Janissa Stonetide
    Now creates hills not walls

    Trollkin Runebearer

    Trades power glyph for Spell Slave (that can't cast upkeeps)

    Trollkin Skinner
    Article writer confused and thought it didn't already have weapon master

    Long Riders
    The ONLY Calvary Unit it the game with 8 Damage Boxes

    Pacts are gone - or are themes. Blindwater and Thornfall work together happily - but the warbeasts are warlock-limited. Minion armies can take all minions including such previous restricted ones as Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters, Greygore Boomhowler & Co., and Orin Midwinter. And all the minion lesser warlocks like Brun & Lug.

    Dr. Arkadius
    Can field Gorax Ragers (renamed Gorax)
    A new option for his injection needle is Raw Adrenaline (to be used on friendly beasts) which boosts the next basic attack and damage roll by the beast.

    Bloody Barnabas
    Gained Death March

    Sturm & Drang
    Each half has a quasi-field marshal ability. Sturm's beasts gain Shield Guard, Drangs' Overtake.

    Wrong-Eye & Snapjaw (Lesser Warlock)
    Wrong-Eye now has Star Crossed

    Blackhide Wrastler(Warbeast)
    Gets Rage as an animus

    Swamp Horror
    Elasticity reworded but with the effect unchanged

    Farrow Brigands
    The Warlord now grants Prey (probably rather than gang)

    Farrow Razorback Crew
    RNG 14, POW 14
    Brutal Damage
    RAT 4
    Reposition 3"
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